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#391119 - I stuttered yyyesss anything mistress please own me and i will do anything for you,,, you can do anything to me you want. and i have a bit of bling that will go well with your out fit, come inside, it was fantastic ,like a mansion, she led me into her bedroom, i was so busy gazing around i didn't feel her hands on me untill i felt her breath in my ear. my body started to react the way i didnt want, i felt the familiar tingle deep inside start to grow, the same feelings i get when dominated and restrained by a lover, my nipples getting so hard from the feeling of the heavy rings hanging down and my clit ring tugging and dangling down , the comments and suggestive remarks started to arouse me, I was led into the stall , i trembled with a mixture of fear and excitement, as i looked at the sheer size of this magnificent beast, all the other women stood out side around the stall, only Mandy and Joan entered with me in tow, i was led over to him, his massive cock already hanging down,

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