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#92628 - It was apparent from the look on her face, that Jaime was more than a little happy that she had such a handsome young man visiting her, and since she was sort of a plain jane, she didn't have much of a social life with the opposite sex, and even if this wasn't a formal date, she did have Jason Polk in her apartment all to herself! Now, Jason, she began, what seems to be the problem? Well, Miss Kurtz, he replied, it's just everything, I just don't seem to get it!!! Please, call me Jaime, she offered, let's find out exactly where you need the most work. What's that she asked quickly, if there was something wrong, I could correct it before the next class. Polk, he said acidly, I have a lot of work to do! Jason dragged himself out of his chair and trudged down the hall, trying in vain to think of a way out of his mess.

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Minato nagase
What is her name
Shinmyoumaru sukuna
Not sure if i liked it but i appreciate your hard work you are gorgeous