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#285333 - Phwoar, he was gorgeous! And me a 10 stone weakling too! I was still fumbling with his belt buckle when he saved me the trouble. Usually though, the Vet on duty was a woman and, to be honest, I was sitting there waiting to be called and expecting a white-coated woman to appear and call my name, as usual. If you ever wonder whether or not you are gay, this is the point that should convince you one way or the other! There is something about the smell of a man and feeling the bulge of his warm crotch against your face that, well, words can’t describe it; it’s just so arousing, thrilling, sensuous – and comforting! By this point, he was sporting an erection all the way across the left thigh of his boxer-briefs and I was softly tasting it through the white cotton material, rolling it back and forth in his pants, as he breathed heavily above me.

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Maho nishizumi
I agree with you so hot