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#265965 - She also knew that the reasons for her immediate dismissal, and such it would be, would give the DSS adequate grounds to withhold any form of benefit money from her for the next six months; and then what would she do? She was very conscious as she walked that he was standing behind her watching her back as she walked. He reminded her of her crimes, that she, his trusted and usually so competent Personal Assistant had insulted the Chief Executive of their most important client and in all probability lost the firm one of its' most lucrative contracts and that in addition had shown no remorse and had announced in an open office that he had had it coming. He'd finally confessed to her that it was what he'd always wanted and that he'd used the events of the day to satisfy his own urgent feelings and been stunned when he'd seen from her reaction that she was enjoying it (well, apart from her rather obvious gestures he'd noticed the wetness in one rathe

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