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#332371 - have a girl sit on my face 9. Amy and i spent the rest of the morning cuddling on the bathroom floor it was the least i could do with her after she swallowed my load and finally took my virginity. The next time and Amy hooked up we did our usual thing getting naked touching each other tasting each other Amy then suggested a different position where she layed down and i would get on top of her we took a little time trying to aim my condom covered cock into her warm wet pussy my cock slid in more easier i parted her legs wider to lunge in deeper inside her Amy closed her eyes in ecstasy as my cock went deeper inside her i began to move in and out fast and hard from the start her pussy got more wet each time my cock slid in and out of her we could feel the aggression between us as we sweated together and thrust into eachother Amy put her hands over her eyes muttering oh god she looked like she was gonna explode she bit her lower lip blowing very hard like she was gi

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Erika kurumi
What a waste of a beauty melanie is too good for this trash
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