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#123228 - My cock was hard again and throbbing, aching for the nasty lil cunt that was juicing all over my hand as I slapped it. ‘What are you doing? She slurred ‘I’ve never…’ ‘Shh baby just let me poke it, you’ve got my dick wet enough to just slip in the tip’ ‘nooo’ she moaned, but as my finger circled her clit she was breathing faster again and rhythmically grinding her pussy forward onto my hand and then her ass back against my wanting cock. Her whole ass was covered in our juices now and as I prised her cheeks apart her tight lil ass hole had my dick twitching, eager to force its way in.

Read Natural [Saegusa Kohaku] KURO-SiS -Black Sisters- [Chinese] [無邪氣漢化組] Bush KUROBlack Sisters-

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Came like 5 times to ms sexy