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#345679 - His voice remained firm and direct, a friendliness to it that he felt was pretty necessary to Sue's comfort, but there was also a very direct and plain sense of invitation that helped him keep everything to task and focused on being all business as much as he could. She was in a position now to give the young photographer something sultry and hot, something he would surely be completely helpless against, and she chased it on without hesitation, moaning loudly as she embraced the heat that took hold of her. Sue's body trembled under his touch, shivering with need and desire as he left his mark on her deep and hot, his thick load gushing into her needy hole and showing off what he could do, and then some for good measure.

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Noriko shiina
Well myclearsky you are the very embodiment of a woman thank you for sharing sincerely
So hot hentai xoxoxo