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#347940 - Jennifer Boyle curled up in an easy chair, while watching the eleven o'clock from the second floor private residence of the White House! There on the large screen television, was the image of her husband, President Kensington Holton Boyle, in a sea of admiring well wishers just hoping for the opportunity to touch the President's hand!!! Lisa, the First Lady called out, come in here please!!! A few seconds later, Jennifer's chamber maid appeared at her door and asked, May I do something for you, Mrs. Boyle?!? Holding out her glass, Jennifer replied, Yeah, honey, get me another drink, and this time no ice and no water!!! Lisa took glass from the slightly drunk woman and proceeded to pour three fingers of scotch into the oversized tumbler!!! While handing it back to the First Lady, Lisa opined softly, Don't you think you've had enough, ma'am?!? Responding with a short harsh laugh, Jennifer replied, Don't you think I deserve another drink, lo

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