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#41056 - Steve could hardly believe this was happening, here he was naked with a gorgeous naked blonde girl kneeling between his legs playing with her nipples, he briefly thought about Sally upstairs and what would happen is she woke up and came into the living room, just as the thought struck his mind Annie shot forward and took 5 of his 7 cock into her mouth, no warming up, no teasing licks, just straight down until it hit the back of her throat Sally woke up to find Steve was already awake, no surprise there she thought, he was always up before her. Sticking out her tongue Sally tried her best to match the movements of Steves tongue in her pussy to her tongue in Annies ass, soon Annie started to have another orgasm and squirted all over Steves balls and legs. Steve rolled over and started stir as the morning sunlight shone through the gap in the blinds and hit him in the eyes, holding his hand in front of his face he opened his eyes and glanced over at the clock Hmph, 8am, shoul

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