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#353915 - As she stood up she quickly pulled her panties back up, slipping her top back on, she headed for the door, my friends called her back, she paused to see what they wanted, cash came out and she was handed eighty pounds, “Thanks for the great show” we passed the night watching the other strippers and having a few drinks. “You up for golf this morning, or are you to tired”? “No I’ll be fine, if Kristi doesn’t mind me eating and running” “No that’s ok, besides I have to be off myself, I have thing to do” she dished up my food and as she passed me she kissed me full on my lips, Tony told me he couldn’t drag me out, not this morning, and he would explain things to the others, I saw Kristine in the hall smile and head up the stairs. Moving off she lay beside me, “Daddy, that was the best fuck I’ve had, and I’ve had a few” I didn’t want to know that, all I cared about now, was how much of her pussy and ass was I going to get.

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