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#12218 - I begin my time as a distributor of erotic fiction with a story only slightly modified from a cybersex session: kissingkitten37: what would you do if you were in bed with me right now? tom_h_body: mmm. i begin to remove my own remaining clothing as well, distracted though i am by your now completely naked and sensuous body kissingkitten37: i push you over onto your back and slide down your body leaving a trail with my tongue kissingkitten37: i take your penis in my mouth tom_h_body: i groan in sheer pleasure and raise my pelvis to greet your warm and wet mouth kissingkitten37: i begin by licking up and down the shaft while massaging your balls in my hand kissingkitten37: i suck on the tip and take you in and out of my mouth slowly tom_h_body: i beckon you to turn around so that i may return the favor in the position tom_h_body: i cover your glistening wet pussy with my mouth and begin exploring your intimate folds with my tongue tom_h_body: i lap up th

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Dorothy west
There is life in space 100 so i guess ya right
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Good to hear you liked it
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Me sweetie
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