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#34330 - He half fell off Kerry, he was knackered, I told Kerry to sit on my moth, she did and I ate his cum from her butt, John looked shocked, but when she pulled off, I told him I do that to Lyn every time she comes home from playing with you, his face lit up again, as Kerry shoved my cock in her ass, while her pussy was quickly filled, after some time my balls dropped another load in her butt, and she found another to take my place. Lyn had told him I was bi, but maybe he didn't think he would see bi fucking tonight, but any way, he looked away and carried on fucking her, the guys moved around swapping holes and fucking the girls hard. I saw John, he was looking a bit worn, but his cock was still hard, so picking Kerry up, I walked over and sat her on his cock, not knowing what hole it went in, but his face lit up as she bounced up and down on him, I let him fuck her for awhile then slid her off and lay her face down onto me, my cock in her pussy, then told John to fuck her ass

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Daisuke tsubaki
Whats with the constant incest references
I love seeing a woman in a towel turns me on like inst
Shion sumeragi
That wallpapers disgusting