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#245294 - When she entered the classroom, most of the students were already there, mostly milling around and exchanging small talk with each other. Leaning forward just slightly was all it took, and Barbara slowly opened up and took the thick member gingerly into her warm mouth! My god,she thought, what am I doing, I could go to jail for this!!! Wanting desperately to pull away, Barbara still couldn't help herself and sucked Deke's pecker even harder, trying to induce the young man to blow his load quickly into her mouth! As mouthy and self assured as he was, Barbara was still sure that he had little or no ability? to control his ejaculation, and right on cue he emptied his balls into her mouth with torrents of hot cum which she greedily swallowed down in two gulps! All her adult life Barbara had been a true cocksucker, always swallowing the cum from the hard pricks of the men in her life, and Deke was no exception, he was just another large cock to be sucked off!!! Sheepishly Bar

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Aoi asahina
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