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#382700 - stop dont touch that” yankees2girl: you know you like it you little bitch i grin fucinhigh08: “no i dont your my sister” i say pulling away as you follow grabbing tighter on my cock yankees2girl: who gives a fuck, im a girl, and i bet im the first one to touch your cock fucinhigh08: so i say turning red looking down yankees2girl: i lean over and moan softly in your ear and kiss your neck as i continue to grab your cock tight fucinhigh08: i stop trying to pull away yankees2girl: i start to rub your dick as i look you in the eyes and smile warmly fucinhigh08: “damn sis your so pretty but this aint right” fucinhigh08: “what if someone finds out” yankees2girl: “if you do it right and make me cum, no one will, if your bad and cant get me off, ill tell everyone you tried to fuck your sister cause you couldnt get any other girl” fucinhigh08: i looked at you shocked fucinhigh08: “you wouldnt do that would you” yankees2girl: “i would, so do it right”

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