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#203692 - I slid into bed beside Linh, as naked as she, and wished her ‘good night’; she had curled to the right on her side, and I snuggled behind her, curling my left arm across her body to hold as much of her left breast as I could – not all of it, as she had large breasts, too big to hold fully – but enough to show her it was a nice way to sleep. She was continually moaning into the pillow, kept on the edge of cumming, and I leaned back then, reaching my hands to her hips and urging her to raise her buttocks and pelvis, squirming my knees upright between her thighs, spreading her wide, and then I buried myself strongly within, hitting her cervix even more forcefully in this position, and I almost howled with the feelings. I finished and stepped into the shower area before replying “It isn’t exactly normal for men to go around comparing, so I can’t answer you, em.

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Made me horny af
Oh yeah