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#222005 - Amy began biting Jessica s pussy as she forced a fourth finger into her ass. Can I get an example Jess asked as Amy set her duffle bag downAmy grabbed the bar and pulled herself up on it, quickly Jess grabbed amys legs and placed them on her shoulders, Jess then pulled Amy s shorts and panties off enough to begin fingering Amy s pussyDamb you hot little bitch Amy said as jess continued to finger herI ve wanted to do this to you for a long time Jess said as she fingered AmyTake my shorts off all the way Amy said then eat me outJess did as she was told taking Amy s shorts off then placing her mouth on her pussyYou little fucking slut, eat my tight pussy Amy moaned outSoon Amy sprayed pussy juice into Jessica s mouth, Amy dropped down and they locked mouths, sharing Amy s pussy juice in thier mouths. Fuck your so hot Jess said as there lips partedAmy reached into her bag and pulled out two sets of hand cuffs.

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