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#14075 - After dinner my wife and her mother decided that the following morning they were going to get up early and hit the new shopping centre that had been recently completed my father in law wasn't best pleased as he was going to be the chauffeur on a 2 round trip nobody batted an eyelid when i turned the offer down they new I hated shopping and would probably still be out of it at that time in the morning, however we we were all quite shocked when katie said she was going to stay and do some laps of the pool and chill considering she was a bit of a shopaholic, it was at that point I thought there could be a repeat of this mornings performance I awoke to movement in the room, ever so slowly I sneaked a look and there was Katie rummaging in her wardrobe, and as yesterday she went down on all fours to retrieve shoes from the bottom of the wardrobe which gave me another view of her pussy and ass however I was a little disappointed to find that I was more in the middle of the bed than yeste

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