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#307189 - The sensation of the viberator on your clit is becoming so intense that you take it and put it inside your cunt and push it as far as it will go still humming inside you, you start to flick and rub your clit pushing the vibe in and out of your cunt fucking yourself your body arches and you start to thrust up you can hear your juices make those wonderful squishy noises and you know your cunt is not far from a wonder cum. Oh and yes funnily enough you were late for work, but as you sat on your boss’s desk, somehow he forgave you, must have been the bare naked pussy he could see as you squirmed and said you were sorry for being late. You get out of bed and go to the bathroom and run your shower, go to the loo and clean your teeth, by which time the shower has come up to temperature, you step in and feel the fine jets of warm water wash over your body, mmmm that feels so nice and refreshing, gently soaping your arms and legs working your way to your breast and as always your nipples a

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