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#298864 - Ingalls!!! I-I'm not sure what you mean, Melanie stammered, a little confused at the direction the conversation had taken!!! Now, Miss Egan, you're a bright young woman, Dee Waller replied smoothly, just how much does a top flight executive secretary make these days!?! I don't know exactly, Melanie replied slowly, I'd say between forty and sixty thousand per year, depending on length of service and all!!! I'd say you're about right, Dee replied quickly, so haven't you wondered why this position carried a salary of over one hundred thousand dollars per year plus benefits, that's nearly double what the position normally pays!?! Well, I guess I haven't really given it much thought, Melanie replied slowly, so I take it these personal duties are what makes the job worth so much!!! Now you're getting the picture, Dee Waller answered, are you still interested, if not, you may get up and leave with no hard feelings what

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