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#224552 - This instantly pulled her pussy lip wide, this was followed by doing the exact same thing to the other lip. To be continued in part 3. She felt him at first grab one of her almost virgin creamy white breasts and lovingly squeezed it slowly pulling it up farther and farther as Bull continued to suck on her clit the initial pleasure was quite relaxing, but in a second or two he had stretched one of her nipples and had expertly clamped one of the sharp alligator clips onto the tip! The results was that this nipple and breast were instantly pulled straight up to the point if Sissy was not fastened to the table by the stocks and the wide leather belt around her waist, it would have almost lifted her off the table, the results were a blood curdling scream from Sissy's lips, at almost the same second Bull had carefully timed this to bring her to another orgasm! This mitigated the pain to some extent!, As Bull continued to suck on Sissy's

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Abiru kobushi
Hopefully he can still pass with all of the distractions