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#180229 - I decided to go for broke and peel them off, her body was amazing, she was a bigger girl but so well propertied and very smooth skin, as I pulled off her panties I was shocked to see she had a full black bush under those panties, I smiled and she said “I didn’t expect to be getting naked with anyone tonight, I’ve been lazy” I laughed and bent down to kiss her again my hand teasing her pussy, she was wet, very wet, my index slid right inside of her pussy and she moaned loudly, I sat up to see her while I fingered her pussy, her hands were on my tits squeezing my tits as I fingered her, I moved to better position myself, I used my right hand 1st two fingers to finger her and my left index finger to play with her clit, I rubbed her like I would rub my own pussy and she was moaning with delight, I could tell she liked it, here I was with this older girl fingering her, and I was so turned on, I knew this was it, I wanted it badly, I leaned down close to her pussy, and went in, a slow lick o

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Bean bandit
I wouldn t mind fucking her i imagine it would cost a few quid though