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#417011 - Oh great wow that's awesome when you want to see me he asked Right now if you are available the woman quickly replied Kool I be there soon he replied It wasn't long before Garry found himself standing nervously at the front door of the address he had been given and pressed the door bell. At that Garry's eyes scanned the class looking at each of the male and female students whom were just as young as him when finally his eyes settled on a sweet young looking boy and asking him his name Im Ben and Im 15 the boy answered Well,Garry is Ben your choice for your last meal before the class is shown how to prepare you for cooking Mary asked Yes Mary was Garrys reply Well Garry how do you want Ben,Mary asked I like to first fuck him and then Ben fuck me before the class cooks him very alive and whole, is that Okay with everyonehe asked Yes was the classes outstanding answer. Yes, yes my name is Garry he replied Well, then Garry come i

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Mariya shidou
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