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#183967 - Blair stood up and extended her hand to Nancy Moore and introduced herself, Please sit down and make yourself comfortable, I'm Blair Winters, V. Jack was watching her strip, and the combination of seeing his boss expose herself, and the expert oral attention Nancy was giving his meat was more than her could take, and with a loud groan he let loose a gusher of cum into the hot little bitch's mouth! Nancy drank it all down, her cunt having turned into a molten cavern of lust! God she needed an orgasm, but these two only seemed bent on getting off themselves! Blair sat down on the edge of the desk with her legs spread wide apart and a look on her face that meant only one thing--eat my cunt!!! For the first time, however, Nancy shook her head no and announced, Look cunt, I don't mind sucking you off, but I want some too, so lay down on the floor so we can sixty nine!!! Blair let a smile creep across her face, and in a flash she was lying on the floor with her legs spread

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Chiho sasaki
Well i am liking this thick version of jesse jane