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#287107 - When he pulled away, he kissed gently on both eyes lids, as if to kiss her tears away. Only in his dreams could Carl have handled that amount of iron, and here was a woman barely breaking a sweat doing at least twenty quick reps! He wandered over to get a closer look, and was surprised when she said hello. Carl ran his hands over her chest, taking a moment to tweak her hard nipples, while she rolled her head from side to side, lost in a sexual abandonment that must have been months in the making! His prick felt like a long hard spike sticking up inside of her, and it was apparent that even though she worked out like a man, she fucked just like a woman, and came like one too, her orgasms now coming in multiples, something that Carl could only dream about doing!!! Carl's penis had now was in control of this fuck, and it viciously pounded in and out of Quin's pussy like a jack hammer on the loose! The soft tender lining masturbating the big head until it couldn't hold bac

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