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#31392 - Eveia eventually released his head as the flow of thick horse seed subsided and his head fell limp, laying on her wet sticky thighs, his swollen, sore lips and rosy cheek resting against one of her cum soaked balls, her glistening shaft beginning to soften, resting its slick self over his face as he panted, cum trickling from his mouth, all of his senses seemingly lost to horse seed. ” Mayla, always the optimist bit her lip as she leaned up on her elbows, looking over her shoulder at Scarlett, admiring the beauty before her, she was tired, yes but she was never that tired… “Does… That mean… We?” she raised an eyebrow hopefully. With his red hair tucked back and the hood obscuring his ears, he was free to wander the streets without constantly being cat called and pestered, something that, while he enjoyed, hampered his ability to explore the city in peace.

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